Zoe Bradley’s work

“Artist Zoe Bradley from United Kingdom creates stunning showpieces, clothes, sculptures  and installations crafted from  papers. She graduated from Middlesex University in 1997, she is a student of Alexander McQueen and has helped him designing showpieces during his fashion shows.  Bradley’s work is best described as ‘Fashion meets theatre.’ I am very impressed with the way she creates highly crafted, fashion-based showpieces for advertising campaigns, photoshoots, catwalk shows and window installations. Her work has been shown in some of the world’s most famous and prestigious storefronts, from Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Donna Karen, Christian Louboutin, to Harvey Nichols. Her works was also featured in numerous high profile advertisements and magazine spreads. ” -http://hkuspace.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/zoe-bradleys-paper-fashion/

Platform 21- is a gallery located in Beatrix Park. The exhibition, folding, explores the intuitive act of folding, such as oragami, used in science, art and architecture in finding new forms.

Zoe Bradley for Platform 21 "Folding"

Zoe Bradley for Platform 21 "Folding"

Zoe Bradley from Platform 21

“Platform for design, fashion and creation in Amsterdam offers an interactive exhibition that sheds light on the art of folding. Not in the sense of a fanned serviette on your plate, but intricate designs and constructions. ”


– Lane Crowford


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